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Commzero 3.028 new function for mtk

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Commzero 3.028 new function for mtk

Post by mamun_iqbal2000 on Sat Sep 19, 2009 8:56 pm

******************************Commzero3.208 2009-09-10******************************
New features:
1:[MTK] Secure BB MT6225SA supported
2:[MTK] Added Tracker mode and it supports the following features:
2.1.Read/rewrite/turn off/turn on the phone lock
2.2.Read AntiSteal Lock code
2.3.Read Sim SMS lock code
2.4.Read SMS Remote Control code
2.5.Read phone's SW/HW version
2.6.Write IMEI
2.7.Export/Import/Rewrite audio volume parameters! eg.Mic/Melody/Speech/TV-Out/Side Tone/Call
Tone/FM ...
2.8.Write bluetooth address
2.9.Read/Modify/Add/Export/Import phonebooks!
2.10.Export/Import touchscreen calibration data! It is very useful for cannot calibrate touchscreen
when you formatted the phone.
3:[SPD] Support Dual-Interface Flash on SC6600I
Bug fixes:
1:[SPD] Fix a bootloader's bug
2:[NXP] Fix Dual-Interface Flash read ID
3:Fix user defined BaseAddress & Die

Download commzero 3.208 HERE!!!

run commzero 3.208 tool
cpu select mtk
select tracker

you need click the start ,

mian info;can read mobile cpu\ver..........

you can read mobile password and change password!

you can change mobile audio.

very easy change imei.supper all mtk cpu(mt6205 no test)

repair bluetooth for mtk mobile

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Re: Commzero 3.028 new function for mtk

Post by S-Ali Raza on Sat Sep 19, 2009 9:47 pm

That's Great !!!!!!!! bundle of Thanks

S-Ali Raza
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