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We Are Looking For Moderator

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We Are Looking For Moderator

Post by sajib on Tue Feb 17, 2009 7:31 pm

Dear Members,

Again we are looking for Moderator for our Forum's Section.

What is 'Moderator' ?
...Mod/Moderator maintains forum/section, answer question etc etc...they keep the forum organized, Mods are like a *STAR* of a Forum.

#Moderators have the power to:
#Delete posts (Only 'Soft' delete)
#Delete threads (Only 'Soft' delete)
#Move threads to other forums
#Edit the description and rules for a forum

As a board moderator, you are expected to:
#Check the forum at least 2-3 times a week
#Work for an active and pleasant forum
#Help new users on the forum to join the community
#Move messages that have been posted on the forum that you moderate but should have been posted on a different one
#Delete messages that are off-topic, racist, ***ist, insulting or contain or link to illegal content. This includes #anything that is a violation of copyright law. Note that a discussion about virus development, for example, is #fine if it is on-topic on the forum in question since it is simply discussion of something that could be used in an #illegal manner but equally could be used by someone building virus detection technology. It is fine to #understand how a crime is committed, but it is wrong to plot illegal activity or carry it out on the forum.
#Respect the opinions of others when they differ from your own; you should never delete a post because you #disagree with its contents
#Inform the admin if you find any problems or bugs in the forum
#Inform the admin as soon as possible if you do not want to moderate a forum any more

All actions performed by moderators will be logged to prevent abuse of power. Moderators will loose their status if they are found to be abusing their power.
Interested ? just pm me or send a mail to

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